GloFX Aquamarine 6 Light LED Orbit
GloFX Aquamarine 6 Light LED Orbit
GloFX Aquamarine 6 Light LED Orbit
GloFX Aquamarine 6 Light LED Orbit

GloFX Aquamarine 6 Light LED Orbit


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GloFX Aquamarine 6 Light LED Orbit

  • Exclusive GloFX Team Orbit
  • 6-LED GloFX Orbit (Orbital)
  • Two Blue, White, Green Strobe Microlights
  • Two Blue Ribbon Microlight
  • Two Green Ribbon Microlight
  • Assembled Using Steel Tooth Cable Ties
  • Assembled and ready to use
  • Heavy-Duty Nylon String
  • Stainless Steel Rings
  • Total length approximately 28 inches (~14 inches from each side)

Our GloFX Orbit Team has spent months researching the ultimate microlight combinations for your GloFX orbit. Now there’s no more figuring out what colors you like best or what order to put them in. Our new Aquamarine Orbit will blow you out of the water! It features blue, green, and white microlights put together in just the right way to give your light shows a unique liquid aura. We make all our microlights ultra-bright to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Our industry-leading orbits are the top choice for most advanced and competitive orbiters. They are perfectly balanced for flawless spinning and easy tricks. These professional quality orbits are made with nylon string for extra speed and quicker response time, and come equipped with heavy-duty stainless steel finger rings that are made to last. Featuring steel-tooth cable ties, this orbit is sure to survive even your wildest festival experiences.

While boasting both quality and durability, GloFX Team Orbits are still affordable and retain some of the best prices on the market. We ensure that not only will you be able to attend the festival you’ve been longing to go to, but you can invest in the best orbits to enhance your experience the without breaking the bank.