GloFX LED Pivot Poi: 9-Mode
GloFX LED Pivot Poi: 9-Mode
GloFX LED Pivot Poi: 9-Mode
GloFX LED Pivot Poi: 9-Mode

GloFX LED Pivot Poi: 9-Mode


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GloFX LED Pivot Poi: 9-Mode

  • Experience a new way to flow with exclusive GloFX 9-Mode Pivot Poi
  • Features two 3.25” diameter balls on Heavy-Duty Nylon Leash
  • Double Finger Loops for solid grip, and Dual Swivels for effortless spinning
  • Both balls contain 7 Solid Color Modes and 2 Color-Changing Modes
  • Solid Colors are Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Aqua, Lime Green, Sky Blue
  • Color-Changing Modes include a fast color fade and a slow color melt
  • Includes 4 CR1632 Batteries (Easily Replaceable)

“A new spin on Poi!”

Discover a whole new way to flow with GloFX 9-Mode Pivot Poi. 9-Mode Pivot Poi features two balls suspended on a single string with dual swivels. The basic “pivot” motion is simple enough to be learned in minutes, but the possibilities to explore are endless. 9-Mode Pivot Poi can also be used to perform regular Poi moves, by spinning the entire assembly in large circles, or by grabbing hold of one of the two balls as a handle and then spinning the second ball independently.

Pivot Poi are made out of soft PVC plastic so they are nearly unbreakable and very safe on contact. The easily accessible push button switch allows for quick mode changes. The fingerloop allows for superior control, handling, and tricks.

Experience a new spin on poi today with GloFX 9-Mode Pivot Poi!