GloFX LZR Laser Gloves – Green
GloFX LZR Laser Gloves – Green
GloFX LZR Laser Gloves – Green

GloFX LZR Laser Gloves – Green


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GloFX LZR Laser Gloves – Green

  • Pair of two (2) LZR Series Gloves from GloFX
  • Green Laser Beams
  • 4 High-Powered Lasers In Each Glove
  • Kaleidoscope Cap On Each Finger – Removable
  • LED Palm Lights (Green) – One on each hand
  • Rechargeable Batteries – Included
  • (2) Two DC Wall Chargers – Included
  • Additional Eight (8) Kaleidoscope Caps – Optional

Welcome to a new kind of light show. When you put on the GloFX LZR Laser Glove Set, the crowd will experience your light show like never before. Featuring 8 high-power green lasers emitting from your fingertips, it’s like you’re engulfed in a green cyclone of light. The adjustable, removable kaleidoscope caps on each laser bend the light into countless beams, allowing you to manipulate over 100 points of light. Or, remove the caps and emit one high powered beam from each finger. LZR Gloves also have a green palm light, allowing for even more possibilities.

Extremely bright LED Palm Lights are fitted on each glove to create an explosive flash of color at the push of a button.

A sleek silver GloFX logo lays atop the adjustable velcro wrist strap to fit any size hand. Two thumb-activated power buttons control these beasts which are conveniently located on the inside of each hand. One button controls all 4 laser beams while the other controls the extremely bright LED palm light.

To charge, simply unplug the battery connector, attached to the DC charging port, and plug into any wall outlet. Each set includes 2 chargers for quick charging of both Laser Gloves at one time.

Note: To enhance battery life and prolong the lifetime of your laser diodes, we suggest using the lasers for 1-2 minutes at a time. A single battery charge will keep the LED palm illuminated for 6-10 hours, and Lasers from 1/2-1 hour.