GloFX Pink Goggles
GloFX Pink Goggles
GloFX Pink Goggles

GloFX Pink Goggles


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GloFX Pink Goggles

  • GloFX Pink Goggles
  • Extreme-Comfort Rubber Pads
  • Plastic Lenses with Dark Tinting 
  • Superior Craftsmanship
  • High Quality Hard-Coated Pink Polymer Frame
  • Adjustable Elastic Band
  • Assembled in the USA

The GloFX Pink goggles take you into a world of complete immersion. Styled after steampunk, gothic or welding goggles, these goggles can push your EDM outfit to the next level. Our GloFX Goggles come with plastic lenses with dark tinting. With it’s adjustable headband and high quality polymer, rest assured that your new goggles will stay put no matter how wild your night gets!