Lux 2.0 Glorbit Set [Glove Set + 360 Orbit Bundle]
Lux 2.0 Glorbit Set [Glove Set + 360 Orbit Bundle]
Lux 2.0 Glorbit Set [Glove Set + 360 Orbit Bundle]
Lux 2.0 Glorbit Set [Glove Set + 360 Orbit Bundle]

Lux 2.0 Glorbit Set [Glove Set + 360 Orbit Bundle]


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Lux 2.0 Glorbit Set [Glove Set + 360 Orbit Bundle]


  • Complete Professional LED Glove Set 
  • Virtually Indestructible Polycarbonate Lux Casings
  • Intelligent Microlights With Over 1,000,000 Color Combinations
  • [9] Professionally Engineered Display Modes
  • Pro-Click Buttons for Easy Mode Changing
  • Extremely Bright LEDs
  • Closed Dome Diffusers
  • Over [10] Hours of Battery Life On Max Mode
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • [10] Lux Light Casings
  • [10] Lux Microchips 2.0
  • [10] Closed Dome LED Diffusers
  • [1] Pair of Pure White Super-Stretch Gloves
  • [20] CR1616 Batteries
  • [1] User Manual & Display Mode Guide
  • Comes Assembled 

Lux Light Casings

Virtually indestructible, crystal clear, super bright

The Lux Glove Set was built by our team of engineers having one question in mind: how can we make a glove set that maximizes the user’s potential? We took extreme measures by harnessing the incredible and durable Polycarbonate material to create a casing that is virtually indestructible. The transparent surface of the casing allows the LEDs to emit light at full-intensity, no matter the time of day. As a finishing touch, we’ve also contoured the casing to wrap around your finger (you’ll thank us later). 

Super-Stretch Gloves

These gloves are built to fit hands of all sizes! We place durability over any other feature in terms of importance. To ensure maximum strength, Our gloves come equipped with reinforced, double-laced joints between each finger slot. Functionality comes next. We’ve made lights falling out of place a thing of the past so that you can glove even longer without taking breaks to readjust your lights. We didn’t forget about comfortability either, which is why our extra spandex lets your fingers breathe without affecting the LEDs’ grip.

Lux 360 Orbit 2.0

Download Lux User Guide

The GloFX Product Development Team spent over a year and countless hours developing the Lux 360 Orbit 2.0.  The Lux 360 Orbit 2.0 combines LED lights with luxury. Lux means “a unit of illumination or light” in Latin, and the name of this product truly captures its essence. Lux is aimed at light show aficionados and flow art enthusiasts who crave the newest and most elite products.  


  • Complete Professional Dual-Orbit Set 
  • 360 Orbit Housing (Black) w/ Removable Ring (Clear)
  • Virtually Indestructible Polycarbonate Shell
  • Reverse Your LED’s to Create a Dual-Ring Orbit
  • Pro-Click Button for Easy Mode Changing
  • [4] Intelligent Microlights With Over 1,000,000 Color Combinations
  • [9] Professionally Engineered Display Modes
  • Extremely Bright LEDs
  • T2 Handles w/ Satin Leashes
  • Over [10] Hours of Battery Life On Any Mode
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • [1] 360 Orbit Housing (Top + Bottom) – Black
  • [1] 360 Ring (Removable) – Clear
  • [4] Lux Microchips 2.0
  • [8] CR1616 Batteries
  • [2] 2.0 mm Satin Leashes
  • [2] T2 Handles
  • [1] Screwdriver
  • [1] User Manual & Display Mode Guide
  • Assembled and Ready-To-Use

Incredible 360 Dual-Orbit Housing

Virtually indestructible, reversible LEDs, insane light trails

Whether it’s your first orbit or your twentieth, you need an orbit that’s built to last. That’s why our Lux 360 Orbit is housed within a virtually indestructible Polycarbonate (PC) shell. This lightweight material protects your orbit from practically anything. The housing also acts as a vessel for lights, positioning them in a symmetrical fashion in order to create stunning trails when in motion. What is probably the coolest feature of the housing is its dual-ring functionality, which is fancy way of saying you can flip your lights to face either outward (traditional) or inward. The ring attachment that surrounds the housing is designed to diffuse the light for more brightness, while its secondary function prevents tangles from the string. As you can see we’ve made orbiting easier than ever to pick up!

Removable Ring

Prevent tangles, protects LEDs, and never stops spinning

You may have noticed the removable ring featured in the Lux 360 Orbit. The ring is designed for a few different purposes, but one of the most significant is offering the lights protection against impacts on hard surfaces. The next is making the execution of tricks smoother by giving the orbit a circular form. This makes it practically impossible for the strings to tangle, which is one of the most common problems faced by orbiters in their early stages of learning. The most noticeable feature of the ring is the diffusion it creates in the trails as a result of its transparent “see-through” color. If you prefer to orbit without the ring, then you can simply remove it by separating the two halves of the housing and detaching the ring from the bottom half where it locks in place. 

Fine-Tuned for Performance

X-Clip Battery Harness, Pro-Click Buttons, lightning fast adjustments

The craftsmanship of these lights is instantly recognized in the subtle details of the lights. The X-shaped battery harness secures your batteries and improves the performance of your battery life by featuring a clip made of Gold, the fastest conductor of electricity. Moreover, you can change your batteries without the need for a dedicated tool.

Lux Microchip 2.0

1 million+ color options.  Onboard memory.  Super-long battery life.

The innovation doesn’t end with our hardware. The Lux microlight lets you bring your imagination to life by giving you the power to choose how you want your lights to shine. Select your own custom color scheme for over 1,000,000 color combinations and pattern variations. Nine distinct modes can be displayed and cycled through at any given time by a simple click of the button. The onboard memory featured in the Lux makes it possible for you to save your colors so that within the first second of starting up your flow, you’re favorite set is already equipped…even if the batteries are removed! This microlight emits an incredible amount of light, but still lasts. Enjoy up to 20 hours of battery life from using Lux!  

Lux 2.0 Updates

  • 34 Vibrant Colors + Blank
  • Turns Off in .4 Second
  • Brightness Control
  • Battery Drain Protection
  • Chip Lock
  • Default Colors: Blue, White, Green
  • Many other bug fixes and performance enhancements

Practice Mode

Practice makes perfect. Flow for hours with low battery consumption.

We recommend changing each of the four LED’s to Mode-5, which is Red-Red-Red (found in the chip’s color setting). This ensure that your Lux Microchips are in the mode with the lowest battery consumption and allow you to practice for up to 20 hours without recharging!

All Lux Series products are exclusively available through the Official GloFX Brand and its resellers, and are proudly designed and assembled in Tallahassee, FL USA.