Lux Light Casing
Lux Light Casing
Lux Light Casing

Lux Light Casing


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Lux Light Casing


  • Lux Casing
  • Virtually Indestructible Polycarbonate
  • Finger-Wrapping Contoured Design
  • Fits the Lux Microchip (Not Included)
  • Pro-Click Button for Easy Mode Changing


  • Top + Bottom (Clear)
  • Clear Dome Diffuser
  • Chip and Batteries Not Included

Virtually indestructible, crystal clear Lux Casing. 

The Lux Light was custom manufactured for fit, form, and function. Our ergonomically contoured casing wraps around your finger for a feeling of luxury. The crystal clear Lux Casing is made from incredibly durable Polycarbonate material. In fact, this is the same material used to make riot shields to protect the lives of police officers. The clear casing lets the full effect of our high-intensity LED’s shine through, and also provides an advanced look.