Lux Orbit Housing
Lux Orbit Housing

Lux Orbit Housing


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Lux Orbit Housing

  • Lux Orbit Housing (Black)
  • [4] Light Casing (Lights Not Included)
  • Reverse Your LED’s to Create a Dual-Ring Orbit
  • Virtually Indestructible Polycarbonate Shell
  • Pro-Click Buttons
  • Housing Teeth for Attaching Accessories to Your Orbit


  • [1] Lux Orbit Housing (Top + Bottom) – Black
  • Nut and Screw

Incredible Dual-Orbit Housing

Virtually indestructible, reversible LEDs, insane light trails

The Lux Orbit Housing is made with virtually indestructible Polycarbonate (PC). PC is the hardest material available, better than ABS or other commonly used plastics. This is the same materials used in riot shields to protect the lives of police officers. PC is also lightweight for faster spinning. The Lux Orbit Housing is an insanely advanced piece of technology designed to take the orbit to the next level. The black shell hides inner mid-section light to produce even rings and crisp light trails. The Dual-Orbit Housing lets the user choose the LED position inward or outward. Thus producing: A) Outer ring only, B) Inner ring only, or C) The infamous Dual-Orbit ring!  The inner casing is solid black creating the most crisp Dual-Orbit light trails, while the outer ring is 100% clear allowing all light to pass through. The Lux Orbit Housing also features Pro-Click Buttons for easy mode changing and color selection on each of the four LEDs.