Pixel Pro Infinite Portal Goggles
Pixel Pro Infinite Portal Goggles
Pixel Pro Infinite Portal Goggles
Pixel Pro Infinite Portal Goggles
Pixel Pro Infinite Portal Goggles

Pixel Pro Infinite Portal Goggles


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Pixel Pro Infinite Portal Goggles

Wearing GloFX Pixel Pro Infinite Portal Goggles not only enhances your visual experience but also transports you to the local carnivals and funhouses of your childhood. The smell of kettle popcorn fills the air, and lights – reds, blues, greens, purples – flash at you from every direction. You step into the hall of mirrors, a disorienting maze of infinite possibilities and confusion. Your family waits outside, and as you wander the halls alone, you can see forever in every direction. You realize just how big everything is! The tunnels leave you in awe and always have. That feeling, that memory, is what these goggles are all about. Let the power of the universe wash over your world with GloFX Pixel Pro Infinite Portal Goggles today. 


  • Infinity Effect – Created with LED pixels combined with one-way mirror lenses
  • Over 350 Modes – From basic solid colors to intense multi-colored settings
  • High-Quality Hard Coated Black Polymer Frame with Extreme-Comfort Rubber Pads
  • Adjustable Elastic Band with Built-In Battery Sleeve
  • Remote Control – Easy to use functions and conveniently pocket-sized
  • Super Bright with 14 Selectable Brightness Levels – Perfect for any setting
  • On-Board Memory – Easily save & access your favorite modes at the push of a button
  • USB Rechargeable Battery Pack Included – Average battery life of 5-7 hours depending on the mode

Optional Accessories:

  • Additional USB Rechargeable Battery Pack – One battery pack is included with Pixel Pro Infinite Portal Goggles, but get one more to stay charged all night long.
  • Microfiber Carrying Case – Keep your Pixel Pro Goggles protected everywhere you go.

Over 350 Modes

These infinity mirror lenses feature a fully customizable microchip complete with over 350 different modes and the full-color spectrum to transport yourself through the vast expanses of time. Paired with 14 selectable brightness levels, the possibilities are endless!

Custom Playlist

With Pixel Pro, you can create the perfect playlist full of your favorite settings. On-board memory saves your favorites even when unplugged. Effortlessly browse through the different modes with the easy-to-use and conveniently sized remote control. The possibilities are endless with Pixel Pro Eyewear.

Built-In Battery

Infinite Portal Goggles feature a built-in battery, so you don’t have to worry about a long cord or getting unplugged during carnival rides – or intense dance sessions! The USB Rechargeable Battery Pack easily slides in and out of the adjustable strap so you can conveniently switch battery packs on the go!


Rave all day and night, and dive into a fully immersive experience with guarded peripheral vision and internal light-blocking technology. These lenses are easy to see through while your Pixel Pro Goggles are on. When wearing the Goggles you will be able to see some of the light from the LEDs, but it will not impact your vision. Take in the focus of the night without the distraction of your goggles’ luminescence, and with just a gaze, mesmerize the crowd around you.

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What’s Included?

  • 1 Pair of Pixel Pro Infinite Portal Goggles
  • Built-In USB Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Remote Control – Battery Included
  • User Guide
  • *Fast & Free Shipping in the USA